Other Products

Lots of choice and quality

To finish off our wide range of fresh locally produced meat and poultry we also provide the following products;

►  Lincolnshire Wild Venison

Our locally (Revesby Estates and Scrivelsby Estates) sourced Wild Lincolnshire Venison is available as;

  • Steaks

  • Chops

  • Hunch

  • Diced

  • Burgers

  • Sausage

Prices available on request.

►  Other Meat Products

  • Wild Rabbits

  • Home Cured Bacon (including streaky and back)

  • Home Cured Gammon Steaks

  • Faggots

  • Haggis

  • Brawn

  • Potted Meats

  • Pork Dripping

  • Lard

  • Fat Bacon

  • Pigs Chep

►  Non-Meat Products include;

  • Moden's famous Lincolnshire Plum Bread

  • Lincolnshire Poachers Cheese

  • Locally sourced Lincolnshire Honey

  • Homemade Bread and Butter Pudding

  • Fresh local vegetables

We also now stock fresh locally produced cheese from Lymn Bank Farm Cheese Co. based in Croft near Skegness who have won awards for their local cheese 'Skegness Blue' and their 'Cracked Black Pepper' cheese.  Click here to visit their website.